Abdolmalek Rigi Has Been Executed

HRANA – Iran’s judiciary announced that Abdolmalek Rigi, leader of the militant opposition movement Jundollah, has been executed.

Abdolmalek Rigi, 27, was the founder and leader of the People’s Resistance Movement of Iran (Jundollah). He and another member of the group were arrested last March. He was found guilty of a number of charges including of being a “mohareb” by Judge Tohidi of Tehran’s Islamic Revolutionary Court because of the organizations armed attacks. He was hung early Saturday morning in Evin prison.

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Secret execution of a Jewish-Armenian couple in Tehran’s Evin Prison

Hrana – At dawn on Monday March 14, 2011 a Jewish-Armenian couple along with one women and two other men were secretly executed.

According to the Iranian Christian News Agency “Mohabat News” and Based on reports from the human rights activists in Iran, the 28th divisional court of the Revolutionary Court, located inside the Evin prison, in confirming this execution refused to provide any further details about the surrender of the executed bodies of the prisoners.

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13 Prisoners Executed in Ghezel Hesar Prison

HRANA – In the early hours of this morning, 13 prisoners were hanged in Ghezel Hesar prison in Karaj.

Based on information received by HRANA, 26 death-row inmates were transferred to the Quarantine area of Ghezel Hesar prison yesterday in preparation for the enforcement of their sentences.

Attorney Mohammad Mostafaiee alerted international media about the prisoners’ transfer in an interview yesterday. He had received the news from one of his clients.

Mr. Mostafaiee announced that the majority of the 26 prisoners had previously submitted petitions for pardon to the relevant tribunals, but their requests were rejected. According to Mr. Mostafaiee, some of the prisoners had no prior criminal history.

There is currently no information about the identities of the executed prisoners or their crimes. Government media outlets have not yet reported any of the details of today’s executions.

The majority of the 26 prisoners were sentenced to execution by the general and revolutionary courts for smuggling and distribution of narcotics. According to the Statistics, Publications and Evidence unit of Human Right Activists in Iran, with today’s executions, the total number of executions in Iran for the Iranian month of Khordad (May 22-June 21) reach 31.


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Complementary Report Regarding Massacre of Prisoners in GhezelHesar Prison and The Latest on Conditions inside This Prison

HRANA News: Following the incidents in Ghezel Hesar Prison located in Karaj, leaving hundreds of prisoners dead or injured by Special Security Forces, there are reports of emergency conditions inside prison and increasing casualty within prisoners.

According to HRANA, Human Rights Activists News Agency, since yesterday morning in addition to disconnection of Ghezel Hesar prison’s phone lines, families of prisoner who were supposed to meet their inmates, have not yet had the permission to do so. In addition, even the daily leave of prison personnel has been cancelled and no information including such as identities of those killed and injured inside prison is not being released by prison authorities.

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increasing concerns about secretly executing Habibollah Latifi

HRANA News – All public phone line of Sanandaj prison was shutdown since yesterday and concerns about  the execution of Habib Latifi has been increased.
HRANA reporters, Due to the lost of phone service at all Sanandaj central prison’s wards, despite the extensive efforts made to confirm the wellbeing of Habib Latifi’s until now was unsuccessful.
Families of other political prisoners incarcerated in the prison could not manage to contact the prisoners.

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