Political Prisoner Mohammad Moradi Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison

The Revolutionary Court of Mahabad sentenced political prisoner Mohammad Moradi, a resident of a village in Piranshahr County, to 15 years imprisonment in exile in Zanjan Province.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Kurdpa, an informed source reported that “on Saturday 5, he was summoned and notified about the verdict”.

The initial verdict of 40 years in prison was quashed by the Supreme Court and the case was handed over to Branch 1 of Mahabad’s Revolutionary Court for a retrial. On February 27, the branch held a court session through video conference, changed the verdict to 15 years in prison and issued a bail of 8 billion tomans for his release.

Moradi was charged with “enmity against God (Moharebeh) through membership in an anti-regime political party”.

Earlier, he left Iran to join a Kurdish party. In September 2017, he left the party and returned to Iran. Upon return, he was arrested by security forces and transferred to an IRGC detention centre in Urmia City. After the interrogation process, he was sent to Urmia Prison and then to Naghadeh Prison.

Moradi is 35 years old, married and the father of two children. Currently, he is detained in Naghadeh Prison.

Nine Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Yazd Prison

HRANA News Agency – On Tuesday, November 22, 2011, nine political prisoners in Yazd Prison began their hunger strike to protest against being locked up together with ordinary inmates and also the inappropriate behavior of prison officials towards political prisoners.

Norooz News has released the names of political prisoners who are currently on hunger strike in Yazd Prison:

1.Khales Zamani (son of Yusuf)
Abdolsaleh Osmani (son of Solieman)
Abdolrahman Jangali (son of Abdullah)
Ali Salehi (son of Mohammad)
Omar Imami (son of Hassan)
Mohammad Moradi (son of Abdullah)
Hani Bani (son of Sal and an Arab)
Rostam Arkia
Vali Doroodi (son of Anvar)

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