A cab driver sexually assaulted a six-year-old girl

HRANA News Agency – A cab driver has sexually assaulted a six-year-old girl multiple times.  Last year, a cab driver who was hired to take three little girls to school every day began abusing one of the children sexually after awhile.

According to a report by Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), the driver owns a Ford Festiva, is visually impaired in one eye and had taken the girl to an abandoned building near the school.  The mother of the child says that she has no hope of recovery for her daughter.  “It has been years since my daughter has been potty trained, but she is having accidents now because of what has happened to her,” the mother says.

The mother has also reported that the cab driver assaulted her daughter for weeks by taking her to the abandoned building under false pretenses of wanting to play games.  “My children say the driver has a yellow knife that he keeps under his seat,” the mother adds while crying.  “He has threatened my kids.  When two of them weren’t there, he abused my daughter, Freshteh.  He threatened to cut her parent’s heads off if she didn’t keep quiet.”

“Freshteh is now undergoing psychiatric therapy and has been taking sedatives.  She is easily agitated and even fears her father and brothers,” the mother says.


Fire-fighters and rescuers are buried under trash

HRANA News Agency – As a result of a mudslide at a landfill, a group of fire-fighters and rescuers who were trying to put out a fire fell into a hole more than 98 feet deep.  They are now buried under a  mountain of trash which clasped after them.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Ramzan Amini, the deputy mayor of Shiraz, has announced that 11 individuals were buried under the trash at Barmshor Landfill.  Four men have already been rescued, and efforts to rescue the others are underway.

According to another report by Mahr News Agency, Ramin Talabi, the director of the fire department at the city of Shiraz, has said that because of the volume of trash piled up at the site, the rescuers have had difficulty reaching the missing victims.  “Two fire-fighters, two horticultural engineers and two utility workers are still missing,” Talabi said.  “The most important obstacles are the volume of trash and mud at the site.”  The experts at the landfill have estimated that the victims are under more than 40 tons of trash.

9 people were hanged in Shiraz charged with enmity against the God

HRANA News Agency – 9 citizens have been hanged in Shiraz charged with enmity against God this morning.

According to a report by the Department of Justice of the Fars, 6 of these were hanged in public and 3 others were hanged in the Adel Abad prison of the Shiraz. Continue reading “9 people were hanged in Shiraz charged with enmity against the God”

Enforcement of amputation sentence in Shiraz

HRANA News Agency – The hand amputation sentence enforced of a man on charge of robbery in Shiraz on January 24th.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), quoted from Mehr, Thursday morning the hand amputation verdict of a man who arrested on charge of robbery, enforced in public.
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Scattered reports of demonstrations in Tehran and several large cities on the first day of the Persian month Esfand.

Despite the presence of tens of thousands of police and security officers in high-traffic areas and main squares of Tehran protests scattered across this great city was held.

HRANA reporters, according to news organization Human Rights Activists in Iran, and critics looking for protesters to call for government policy to hold a demonstration on Sunday, holding the first Persian month Esfand suitable memorial to the victims streets of Tehran on February 25 and other cities , Esfehan, Shiraz, Rasht, Bokan, Marivan, Tabriz,Mashad, Sanandaj ,witnessed the presence of several other Iranian cities High numbers of security forces dispersed demonstrations in some cities has been

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Eleven Drug Dealers Hanged in Shiraz

HRANA News Agency – With the approval of Iran’s Attorney General, eleven convicted drug traffickers were hanged in Shiraz, Fars Province.

According to a report by the Public Relations of the Justice Department in Fars Province, eleven individuals were hanged in Adelabad Prison in Shiraz after the Attorney General approved the death sentences issued by the Revolutionary Courts in Shiraz, Abadeh, Darab and Nayreiz counties.

The Justice Department in Fars Province has released information indicating that these eleven individuals were charged with and convicted of possessing and transporting opium, heroin and morphine from 2008 through 2010.The Judiciary Amnesty Commission had previously rejected the defendants’ appeals for pardon.

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